Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Egret, The Everglades

Eastern Sierras near Bishop

Bream Bay, New Zealand

Tulum, Mexico

Tong Li, China

The Sun Road, Glacier Park

Lake Sherburne, Glacier Park

49 Pass near Vya, Nevada

Sunset in New South Wales

Solar Project

Our 8.5 kilowatt grid-tie solar array now provides over half of our power consumption. You can see its daily and cumulative output here.

Take a look at the informational material associated with the project here.

Weather Station

Weather Underground PWS KCACEDAR16



“When a drop falls in the river, it becomes the river.
  When a deed is done well, it becomes the future”

                                  ― Ghalib, The Clay Cup 



Greenhouse (timestamp)

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